Begumpuri, West Bengal

The first comparison I had on laying my sight on a Begumpuri saree was to the simple, cotton handwoven kopahisadors ...

Bomkai, Odisha

Like the Sambalpuri weave, the name Bomkai is synonymous with Odisha. This Indian state is famous for its textile he...

Gollabhama, Telengana

The Gollabhama weave has the most interesting connotation–it walks out straight from the pages of our mythology. The...

Sambalpuri Ikat, Odisha

The Sambalpuri Ikat of Odisha is what many of us associate the traditional textile of the state with. It is a ubiqui...

Mishing, Assam

The Mishing people are one of Assam’s many indigenous communities, and a community held synonymous with the handloom...

Pochampally Ikat, Telangana

Ikat is probably one of the most commonly referred to weaves of India. It has taken over the mainstream market in a ...

Baluchori, West Bengal

If you visit the houses of antique-lovers, there is a high chance that you may come across at least a few walls displ...

Jamdani, West Bengal

The Jamdani is a delicate weave originating in Dhaka of Bangladesh and is practised today in both Bangladesh and West...
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