इला | ilā

ilā: Bold. Beautiful. Rooted.

Naming this collection was a journey in itself. We wanted something meaningful, something that truly reflected the essence of our work. Natural fibres like tussar and mulberry silks make breathable, skin-friendly and luxurious fabrics. These sarees were handwoven in Bengal, have remarkable sheen and drape, and are crafted to make you feel exquisite.

We consciously opted for natural dyes, drawn from and gentle on the environment. The ancient clamp dyeing technique adds a touch of history and artistry, making each piece uniquely unpredictable and exclusive.

Launching on World Environment Day inspired the name 'ilā',  meaning Earth in Sanskrit. Just as we have only one planet, our sarees are unique and crafted with an eco-conscious spirit. Exclusivity and sustainability define this limited edition, honouring tradition and the environment.

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