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Welcome to our world of weaves! Our love for weaves and hues has taken a different turn altogether – from avid shoppers and admirers, we are now advocates of various dying forms of art.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, Bunavat stands for integrity, authenticity and transparency. Fair Trade is at the core of Bunavat and that’s the forever constant. Bunavat being a for-profit social enterprise, its vision truly and wholly resonates with that of the Fashion Revolution community. Fashion to us is something which never loses its charm. Rather than being defined by trends, gender and age; it is something which remains timeless across generations, fluid across the spectrum of gender and age. Owing to its timelessness, a piece of fabric never goes ‘out of fashion’ and can be treasured forever. It can either be reused or recycled ensuring its sustainability.


Promoting sustainable, ethical and timeless fashion, Bunavat brings you a collection of handcrafted textiles, and as the name suggests, directly from the ‘weaver’. To curate this collection of yarns and yardages for you, we travel into weaving communities across India. When we first recognise a weaving cluster, the one factor which tops our list is the authenticity of the weave, cluster and artisan. In today’s world driven by fast-fashion, it’s a real challenge to differentiate a handloom product from a powerloom/ mill made one. The competition is so stiff that impurities have seeped in a few handloom clusters as well. Hence, we travel into the clusters ourselves and check everything first hand. The idea is also to reach out to those who do not have direct market access which is why working with individual weavers becomes a priority wherever possible followed by small scale handloom societies and cooperatives.

Another significant factor in consideration prior to curating a collection is the material of the product. We don’t deal in synthetic fabrics. Our forte is primarily cottons, handwoven and some even handspun. While curating a collection, we look for relevant and contemporary hues and designs which can be a part of your everyday wardrobe. Affordability is also an important factor in our sourcing decision as we aim to become a household name.

Through our travel tales captured in the 'Kathik' section of the blogs, we take you with us on that unique journey to the origin of the weave and its weaver. ‘Kathik’ means ‘storyteller’ and these journeys have indeed turned us into one!


At Bunavat, we aim to not only become the bridge between the weaving community and you, but also consolidate knowledge regarding the diverse range of Indian textiles and the weaving practices, to allow you to appreciate these intricate art forms. ‘Tantukatha’ or the story of weaves, is a constantly growing repository of Indian textiles on our website, under the blogs section.

With every purchase at Bunavat, you are one step closer to contributing to the bigger cause of supporting the weaving communities and empowering their generations to come. A part of our profits will go into funding community development programs in these weaving clusters. It is extremely perturbing to see the living conditions of our weavers and their families. Through our focused and customized programs for the communities, we are determined to break this cycle of poverty and ignorance. 

We look forward to your patronage and are hopeful of your support in our mission of empowering the weaving community!

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